The Catfish Place

Sometimes all you need is some time away with family to escape the noise of life. I’m all about creating memories for my children that they will remember for a lifetime. 

While it can be difficult balancing work life, parenting, affording life with kids on a single parent income… there are still ways to create these lifelong memories for your children. 

I have made it my mission this summer of 2022 to ensure I can still take them on trips that are affordable but give them those lifelong memories. It’s all about the time spent, and who you are with. 

This past weekend we took a simple family trip down to Arbela, Missouri. There is a wonderful place for your family called “The Catfish Place”. They have an Amazing little catfish buffet, with some great food. They have the perfect sized underground pool that the whole family can enjoy. They have 3 beautiful ponds to fish, paddle boats, and plenty of golf cart rides from friendly neighbors. 

My 3 boys, and myself got to enjoy the weekend spent outdoors taking in the the beautiful scenery as well as swimming, great food, fireworks, and priceless time with family. I would highly recommend this place for any family looking for a lovely weekend getaway that is affordable for any budget.

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