Hair care and Regimen

Importance of products and routine.

I have always had dry and damaged hair. My youngest son has natural curly hair, and I swear it is always tangled and dry. It wasn’t until I had my youngest Justus that I became dedicated to product use and routine. If I don’t stick to a routine for his hair it makes it a miserable process for both him and myself when it comes to a simple brushing after bath time.

So Our Every Other day Routine

I definitely will never be one to recommend daily baths for children. I’m not sure anyone does, but definitely wanted to get that out there first and foremost. I tend to stick with Shea Moisture for all my son’s hair care needs. It is the only product line that keeps his hair tame and under control so far that I have found. So we use the Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

After bath time we immediately put in Leave in Conditioner. then it’s time to brush out. So, on in between days I use the Shea Moisture curl & style milk. It smells great and give fresh looking curls until next bath day.

look at that hair on bath night


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