The Clean Transition

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In our health and wellness journey my hardest battle has been convincing my husband to make the switch over to green, clean, pure, and wholesome products and foods. So, in all out transparency I want to discuss how I am taking charge and implementing the transition without bringing it to the forefront of my husbands attention. (I know you ladies know.)

There are allot of options out there today and I know all to well how confusing it can be to know where to start. I most recently discussed how to implement clean eating and transition to Whole Foods and clean eating. If you have t has a chance to read that you can check it out here.

Now I want to discuss the transition of products used inside our home. I’m switching over to greener cleaning products. Nature sourced products such as cleaning supplies, nutritional supplements, and hygiene products. See, I don’t know about you, but as a mother I take great pride in ensuring I’m making the healthiest choices available to my boys.

Both of my boys struggle with gut health. They inherited that trait from yours truly. (Thank God they have their fathers metabolism) I’ve tried several different options and they work. They just aren’t the healthiest approach, and the mom guilt sets in hard. So as I’ve mentioned, it’s a journey. My main purpose of sharing out loud is to help hold myself accountable while also providing healthy alternatives for our followers. I can also easily provide the “what not to do’s” however, I don’t want to sulk in my mistakes and easy ways out. Instead I’m moving forward with what we are doing about it now.

In the past I’ve always used bleach and typical dollar store household cleaners. Watered down detergents that come in big bulky plastic containers. I have also never put much thought into the materials used in my children’s clothing. I had no idea that most materials outside of cotton are actually considered toxic… and I’m placing all this toxic materials and chemicals in and around my most prized possessions!! To say I’m mad would be an understatement. I really am upset with myself mostly for be uneducated. I truly never knew until I started to do the research.

So back to the remedy. I recently signed up for a membership to a Wellness company that ships straight to your door and all products are green, clean, organic, wholesome products! In the short distant future I will be sharing my thoughts, feelings, and any recommendations on these products. If you aren’t following us on social yet, you should check us out to make sure you’re not missing out. If that’s not an option, make sure you sign up for my weekly newsletter to stay up to date on all of our discounts rates and new adventures.

Thank you for following our journey. Live your life on purpose. Live life out loud and share the journey. Follow us on our lovely journey.


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