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In the name of transparency

So what does transparency look like? Well, I’d like to be upfront and honest with every aspect of my life these days. When I started my blog I was so excited. Had a vision to change the world type of excited. I started this blogging journey in February, quit my job, and wanted to pursue my passions. Everything has gone great, outside of my consistency. However, lately I have been putting a lot of effort into my vison and my why. I dove head first into researching the differences that I could find, how they relate to me, and how I could use that going forward. 

I have always felt more motivated by My Vison. To me your vision is the desired outcome of where you would like to see your business. I feel your vision can change and shift throughout your journey, but will always be a driving force in your business. Your vision should align with your core values and be at the root of everything you set out to do. So, your vision can apply just as easily to where you are at in your life, and where you would like to see yourself in the future.  A strong vision provides clarity and guides your decisions and actions. It serves as a compass, helping you make choices that align with your long-term goals and values. This focus allows you to build a personal brand that reflects who you are and where you want to go.

The “why” of your business refers to the underlying purpose or reason behind why you do what you do. It delves into the deeper motivation and values that drive your business. The “why” is about understanding and articulating the impact you want to make. My why is and always will be my children. Everything I do, I do for them. In the sake of my values and where they align with my “why”.. I like to remain transparent in all that I do. Today in life I can be open in honest in all my affairs. This transparency is something I will teach my children. I don’t want them to ever get to a point in life where they feel they have to hide who they are. I want them to strive towards their visions and express their “why” in whatever way feels appropriate for them. 

my why
my why

On with transparency..

Hence the title of this post, I’m going to be fully transparent with y’all here, on me and who I am.  I am a procrastinator, lazy at times, a little bit of all over the place on most days. There may be some times where I miss my shot. With all that being said… I’m also here to say.. I’m not going anywhere! I will continue to show up, to push towards My Vision for My Why! My faith and my freedom are liberating me in my Journey today. I no longer have to feel the pressure or fall prey to guilt and shame. 

Now, I may not always be consistent but I will still show up. This blog is a passion for me. It is soothing to get a portion of the thoughts that happen inside this head of mine, out into the universe. It’s so freeing to unpack my junk, and share it with the world. When we get the baggage out in the air it is such a freeing experience. If you are holding on to unnecessary baggage and it’s weighing you down… let it go! Get it out! Share it with the world if you must… You deserve to feel that weight lifted off of your shoulders. 

So yes, I will continue to show up and share my thoughts out-loud in hopes that something I have to say resonates even with one person. Believe it or not, I actually have quite a bit of knowledge up here in this head of mine. And I appreciate anyone who’s willing to listen and possibly benefit from something I have to say. Being open, honest, and transparent is a work in progress for me… but oh so rewarding!

Outside of my blog..

If you haven’t seen what I’ve been up to lately outside of my blog and the Lovely Journies atmosphere, you should Check out what I’m up to. I’ve been working hard and grinding on my marketing journey. I’ve built a community to share what I’m learning with other online business owners. There may come a time I start up a new blog in addition to Lovely Journies, however I am far from that at this point in time. 

If you are at interested in affiliate marketing or owning your own online business you should come check me out.


Thank you for taking the time to hear me out today. It means allot to me as I have been working very hard, on digging deep into my vison and my why. I am pretty proud of the progress I’ve made. To share that pride, I would like to share a presentation I put together on  “Your Vision vs Your Why.” You can check it out here


As Always, appreciate you all. Keep living your Lovely Journey. 

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