God given Talent

I’ve been searching for my purpose. I’ve been digging deep, and talking allot, to the Man upstairs. I am pursuing a Leadership role in my Career. I have Always believed my God given talent to be helping others.

God blessed me with great communication skills. I have always obtained a customer service role in telecommunications for the large part of my career thus far in life. However, confidence in myself is not something that comes easily so I tend to stay low behind the scenes. Communicating over the phone allowed me a way to stay hidden but still allowing me the access to help others.

I’ve been working hard on a mindset shift and overcoming my fears of being seen face to face. I’m a likable person. I’m kind and caring. I just tend to have “rbf” which makes me appear unapproachable at times. However, with the work I have put in, on myself over the past 2 years… I think I am finally ready to be unapologetically me and show up regardless of what that may look like to others.

In January I started pursuing my passions. I started this blog. I started and online business, doing affiliate marketing. I joined some coaching and trainings. (Invested in myself). I started stalking the leaders in the industry, and realized, I have what it takes!

I started asking for a higher calling and seeking it at the same time. The guidance came,the calling came. I had my divine intervention. God let me know it was perfect timing to put myself out there and pursue my dreams!

So going forward I will be putting my efforts towards becoming a Faith Based, Life Purpose and Recovery Coach. I’m so exciting to start this journey and I feel this is what I have been preparing for. My past mistakes and triumphs have lead me to a perfect place to share my struggles that I have faced and share how I have overcome, and how you can too!

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