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Beauty-Hair and Skin Care

Hair and skin care are both the most important aspects of Beauty. On my Beauty page I will go over all of my favorite products and regimens that I myself, as well as the members of my family have used or continue to use. With these recommendations it is my hope that no matter your personal struggle you can find a solution here. Have you ever struggled with dry and damaged hair? I never had a full understanding of the unique products that should be used for different hair types. Now that I am older and have more experience with not only managing my hair but, my boys, stepchildren, and husbands… Well….. Let’s just say I am pretty darn experienced in a wide variety of options and techniques. 

Hair Care

Hair Care

I have always had dry, thick, course hair. My first son, Chase, has beautiful light blonde hair that is perfect in every way. Justus, my second son has natural curly hair that is beautiful but in a constant state of tangle. My husband, Shane, has incredibly thick, slightly curly hair. I cut all the boys hair myself and choose the products we use in our home. We all have different types of hair and style them in different ways. My recommendations are based on a wide variety of trial and error, so they will be found useful to most of my following.

I will be sharing products I recommend for different styles/types of hair and the regimen we stick to. As Always..

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Skin Care

skin care
Skin Care

I have always, since a very young age, been terrified of wrinkles. That’s probably why I started using anti-age products at 16 years old. I have tried everything from dollar store finds to high end designer brands for both skin care and makeup. All of my Beauty posts on this blog will be products that I have personally used and I am always open to suggestions.

Later in life I am now more conscious of what I place into my body and on my skin. I have come to realize how much my diet and overall health directly links to my skin. I go over diet and nutrition in my health and wellness page. However, with that being said, one can Never do to much when it comes to caring for your skin! Be kind to your skin and Always use Sunscreen.



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