Travel-Our Lovely Journies

 Travel- Our Lovely Journies

Travel our lovely journies with us as we will be creating Memories to last a Lifetime/ Sharing all of our lovely journies and travels as a family, with our friends and followers, making memories to last a lifetime. Traveling is a passion I plan to pass down to our children so they can experience the beauty of the world.

Our experience

Our family has never had much of a chance to travel. We have as of recently decided to make it a priority in our Family’s Lives. You see, we have had two different resort packages and cruises planned out as a family on two different occasions. We had paid in full, and in advance. They give no refunds on those either guys.. I could cry about how much we spent on some luxurious vacation packages, just to not get to take them together as a family.

We had hyped our children up explaining all the details of where we would be going and how beautiful it would be and the glorious experiences they would have… just to let them down due to life happening and plans not going as expected. Now, I’m not sure if any of you have ever experienced this before in your endeavors, but it’s heartbreaking. We let our kids down and our pride took a hit as well.

Our Strength and Hope

Now that we are a bit more solid, with a firmer foundation in our lives, we have the opportunity to reembark on some ventures with our children. Where we  can teach them the beauty of travel. We will be sharing all of our Travels with you here. We will showcase some of our favorite destinations, and give details about the good and the not so pretty adventures we take together as a family. Join our Lovely Journies and Follow along.

Our Favorite we have taken so far has definitely been our trip to Colorado. It has always been a dream of my husbands’ to share that experience with our children. You can check out some highlights from that trip in our post Spring Break in the Rockies 

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So you can Travel Our Lovely Journies and share in the memories we can create together.

Always open to any Family trip destination recommendations, so be sure to leave your favorites in the comments below! Thanks again for following our Lovely Journies!

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